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Rafał Lizut (PhD hab., PhD, MSc)


  • Professor @ Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine – specialization Economy and Management;
  • Professor @ St. Mary Polytechnic, Kwamba-Suleja, Nigeria – specialization IT;
  • Assistant Professor @ John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. Specialization IT and Landscape Architecture;
  • Lecturer @ College of Social Media and Culture, Toruń, Poland. Specialization Journalism and Social Communication, Political Science, Logics & Semiotics, Theory of Communication, Theory of Negotiation, Ethics{political, computer}, Philosophy of Technology;


  • The Director of the Academy of Scientific, Academic Excellence and Exchange Foundation;
  • The Director for Science Advancement, Development and International Cooperation, St. Mary Polytechnic, Nigeria;
  • A Board of Directors Member of the Society: Initiative For Development, Knowledge Advancement and Cooperation, Nigeria;
  • The General Representative of the Dnieprietrovsk’s Union of Poles in Ukraine;
  • The Owner of Think Design company;
  • The Owner of ArtAgro sales company;


  • A member-founder of the Science Infrastructure Management Support Association;
  • A member-founder of PANTA (the Polish Academic Association For Technology Assessment);
  • An expert of the Polish National Agency for Scientific Exchange;

John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Functions:

  • A member of Disciplinary Commission KUL;
  • The coordinator for IT Partnership KUL;
  • The supervisor of Robotics Scientific Circle for Youngsters KUL;
  • An internship supervisor KUL;


e-mail: lizut@kul.pl




Internship Instructions:


IT companies excel

IT companies PDF



You are supposed to deliver a complete set of documents before the end 3 semester - no later than one week before winter session starts but also no longer than 2 weeks after the placement is over. There is no other deadline, only the one concerning the complete set of documents to me.




1. Before the internship starts the institution must sign a declaration that intends to accept the student (document "Internship Declaration" OR in Polish "Deklaracja"). This needs to be signed by me and the representative of the accepting institution.





2. At the same time or later the agreement must be signed. Unfortunatelly there is only a Polish version of it and it is called "umowa_organizacja praktyki". This also needs to be signed by me




3. During the internship an internship journal needs to be filled by the student and confirmed by the mentor(the person responsible for You in the accepting institution). The files are "Internship Journal" OR in Polish "Dziennik_praktyk_KUL". Later it will be assessed by me. 





4. After the internship is finished a confirmation of completing the internship must be signed by the mentorfform the accepting instituiton. The file is"Internship Certificate" OR in Polish"Zaświadczenie o odbyciu praktyki"