dr hab. Barbara Klonowska (prof. KUL)

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Katedra Literatury i Kultury Angielskiej

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Prace magisterskie
  • The Myth in Riddley Scott’s Movies: “Alien”, “Prometheus”, “Alien:Covenant”
  • Representation of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in American and British War Films
  • Generic, Cultural and Specific Intertextuality in the "Shrek" Series
  • Reflections of the British Royal Family and the First Family of the United States in Selected Films and TV Series
  • Contemporary Adaptations of Sherlock Holmes Stories: TV Series "Sherlock" and "Elementary"
  • Representation of Escapism in the Novel and the TV Series: "Regeneration" and "Peaky Blinders"
  • Warnings to Humanity in Dystopian Literature: "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, "Oryx and Crake" by Margaret Atwood and "Divergent" by Veronica Roth
  • Narration in Thomas Hardy's "Far from the Madding Crowd" and Its Film and Radio Drama Adaptations
  • Randomness Influencing and Creating Stories in Tabletop and Video Games
  • Representing the Unrepresentable: The Motif of Trauma in Radio Drama, Film, and the Novel


Prace magisterskie
  • Point of view and perspective in dystopian video games
  • Fredric Jameson's Critique of Capitalism as Reflected in Contemporary TV Series and Films
  • Horrifyingly Funny: Parody and Unintentional Humour in Horror Films
  • Wise Wizards, Elves and the Dark Lords: Fantastic Characters in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series and Their Film Adaptations
  • "We're All Infected" - the Repressed Fear of Death as the Underlying Theme of The Walking Dead TV Series
  • Visions of Cyber Reality: Technophilia and Technophobia in Contemporary Film
  • A Resistant Genre: The Universalism of Fairy Tale Motifs in Various Versions of Beauty and the Beast
  • Mortal and immortal characters in The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, its film adaptation by Peter Jackson and the game Lord of the Rings Online


Prace licencjackie
  • Turning Reality into Art in "Orlando" by Virginia Woolf


Prace magisterskie
  • "A man doesn't die, he is born twice": Robert Mcliams fiction ("Eureka Street", "Manfred's Pain" and "Ripley Bogle").
  • Gender, Identity and Ideology Visualised: Ekphrasis in Tracy Chevalier's Fiction.
  • Rushdie through Language: english in Pre-Fatwa Novels.
  • Us-Women and Them-Women: Feminism and Post-colonialism in the Writing of Rachna Mara and Margaret Atwood.
  • Smelly Encounters: Smell and the Other in the British Post-Colonial Novel.
  • "Clothes That Wear Us": Identity, Belonging and Clothes in Contemporary British Fiction.
  • "Searching the horizons for the lost moons"- literary forms and their function in Jamaican writing.


Prace magisterskie
  • The evolution of the concept of violence in Ian McEwan's fiction.
  • Anti-Catholic Passion in Jeanette Winterson's fiction.
  • Female tradition revised in "The book of Mrs. Noah" by Michele Roberts and "The Passion of New Eve" by Angela Carter.
  • Faith - inspired dilemmas and their various manifestations in selected novels by Graham Greene and Ethel Voynich.
  • Selected aspects of Scottish postcolonialism presented by Irvine Welsh in "Trainspotting"
  • Quest for identity in the selected novels of two generations of British postcolonial writers.
  • Pseudoheretical usage of the biblical material in selected prose by Jeanette Winterson.
  • The tale of a troubled city. The grand narrative of Belfast as presented in selected works of contemporary northern Irish novelists.
  • From "Black Venus" to "Czarna Wenus": Angela Carter's short stories in Polish translation.
  • Narrative strategies in selected novels by Iris Murdoch.
  • Representation of history in Jeanette Winterson's selected novels.
  • Magic realism as a reflection of human psyche in selected novels by Margaret Atwood and Arundhati Roy
  • Different psychoanalytic approaches to Joseph Conrad's seleected short stories.
  • Female sexuality and gender roles in Angela Carter's early fiction.
  • (Non) Traditional Models of Partnership in Janette Winterson's Fiction.
  • Disintegration of family in Graham Swift's selected novels.


Prace magisterskie
  • Decolonising Northern Ireland: Identity and Hybridity in Robet McLiam Wilson's Fiction.
  • "No real play has a curtain" - theatre in John Fowles's "A Maggot" and "The Magus".
  • The poetics of dis(-)memberment in Sarah Kane's texts for performance.
  • Father, partner, macho: images of men in Jeanette Winterson's fiction.
  • Stereotypes of the British and the French in Julian Barnes's essays and novels.
  • "Myth is after all, a neverending story": recreation of myth in the novels by: Atwood, Barnes and Rushdie.