General Ethics (ćwiczenia) - 2019/2020

Course description
General information
Lecturer:dr Anna Krajewska
Organising unit:Faculty of Philosophy - Instytut Filozofii
Number of hours (week/semester): 1/15
Language of instruction:Język polski
Course objective
Obiectives : - to help students achieve understanding the content of lecture on General Ethics; - to enable the students to obtain among others following skills, such as: analizing philosophical texts, preparing short papers, discussing.
Learning outcomes
Teaching method
Course content description
1.Definition of ethics;2. The subject of ethics (morality) and the basic categories of normative ethics;3. Normative ethics - descriptive ethics - moral teology;4.Basic problems of meta-ethics: cognitivism vs. noncognitivism, Moore\\\'s criticism of the naturalistic fallacy, realism in ethics;5. Dispute concerning the norm (criterion) of morality (eudaimonism, deontonomism, personalism);6. Consequentialism (Utilitarianism) vs. Nonkonsequentialism (Kantian Ethics, Personalism) - justification in ethics;7. The concept of natural law;8. The concept of moral conscience;9. General characteristics of moral virtue;10. Selected problems of Applied Ethics
Forms of assessment
Required reading list
Primary sources: T. Styczeń, Wprowadzenie do etyki, Lublin 1993; T. Styczeń, ABC etyki, Lublin 1996; A. Szostek, Pogadanki z etyki, Częstochowa 1995; J. Woroniecki, Katolicka etyka wychowawcza, t. 1, Lublin 1995.
Secondary sources: A. Szostek, Wokół godności, prawdy i miłości, 1994; K. Wojtyła, Miłość i odpowiedzialność, Lublin 1982; J. Woroniecki, Katolicka etyka wychowawcza, t. 2-3, Lublin 1995; P. Singer (red.), Przewodnik po etyce, Warszawa 1998; A. Anzenbacher, Wprowadzenie do etyki, Kraków 1987.
Field of study: Philosophy
Course listing in the Schedule of Courses:
Year/semester:Year I - Semester 2
Number of ECTS credits: 0
Form of assessment: Grade