Pedagogy of family (seminarium) - 2019/2020

Course description
General information
Lecturer:dr Magdalena Parzyszek
Organising unit:Faculty of Social Sciences - Instytut Pedagogiki
Number of hours (week/semester): 2/30
Language of instruction:Język polski
Course objective
C1 – being familiarized with the requirements of bachelor’s degree dissertations
C2 – being familiarized with successive stages of research procedures and drawing up edited materials.
C5 – individual preparation of bachelor’s degree dissertation that is in accordance with a chosen and approved title with taking into consideration its requirements.
W1 – knowledge of methodological terms
Learning outcomes
K_W12 has fundamental knowledge about diagnosing, planning and conducting research in pedagogy, especially about techniques, research problems and tools; one knows basic paradigmatic social research from which particular methods come.
K_W16 has fundamental knowledge in methodology about carrying out typical tasks, norms, procedures used in various spheres of pedagogic activity.
K_U05 has fundamental research abilities that allow to analyse research examples and construct and conduct simple pedagogic research; is able to formulate conclusions and draw up and present results (with the use of ICT) and is able to show directions for further research.
K_U06 is able to edit one’s own studies on the grounds of research texts and announcements, is able to precisely and coherently express oneself in a spoken and written language about chosen topics in pedagogy, with the use of various theoretical perspectives, using works in pedagogy and different disciplines.
K_K01 is aware of its own knowledge and skills, understands the necessity of constant professional training and personal development, provides assessment of one’s competences and develops skills, and sets directions of one’s education.
K_K03 is convinced about sense, value and the need of undertaking pedagogic actions in the social environment; is ready to face professional challenges, demonstrates activeness, responds to hardship and is persistent in realization of individual and group professional actions in the scope of pedagogy.
Teaching method
Lecture connected with technical classes
Course content description
Curricular content of the subject
1. Term, subject and research methods of Family Pedagogy.
2. Definition of „family”, its structure, types and functions.
3. Family – as an educational environment.
4. Spheres of upbringing.
Forms of assessment
subject to the deduction of the
Required reading list
Literatura podstawowa
S. Kawula, J. Brągiel, A. Janke, Pedagogika rodziny, Toruń 2007,
M. Łobocki, Metody i techniki badań pedagogicznych, Kraków. 2007,
Literatura uzupełniająca
J. Gnitecki, Zarys metodologii badań w pedagogice empirycznej, Zielona Góra 1989,
M. Węglińska, Jak pisać pracę magisterską? Poradnik dla studentów, Kraków 2007,
S. Palka, Orientacje w metodologii badań pedagogicznych, Kraków 1998.
Field of study: Pedagogy
Course listing in the Schedule of Courses:
Year/semester:Year III - Semester 6
Number of ECTS credits: 1
Form of assessment: Credit