Practical English - practical grammar (ćwiczenia) - 2018/2019

Course description
General information
Lecturer:dr Magdalena Chudak
Organising unit:Faculty of Humanities - Instytut Filologii Angielskiej
Number of hours (week/semester): 2/30
Language of instruction:Język polski
Course objective
The main aim of the course is to consolidate and systematise the students\\\\\\\' knowledge of the English grammar assumed as being no less than FCE level, and introduce more advanced elements leading up to the advanced and proficiency level. Stress is laid on drilling the structures that are particularly troublesome for the Polish students due to their mother tongue interference.
The students learn to discuss grammatical issues using adequate grammatical terminology.
Prerequisites: course for the students of the Institute of English Philology at KUL, language level B1+/B2
Learning outcomes
Teaching method
Teaching methods:
- drilling new and more difficult structures: gap-filling, paraphrasing;
- discussion;
- self-study based on materials prepared by the teacher;
- testing the self-study material
Course content description
The area of study in the winter semester and most of the summer semester is the Verb Phrase. In the course of the study the following topics are discussed:
- the English tenses (classification and use of the tenses, tense - time relationship, aspects),
- conditional sentences (criteria of classification: time reference, levels of probability),
- modality (primary and modal auxiliaries; primary and secondary meanings of the modal verbs; substituting expressions)
The students then move on to the study of the clause. In this course this topic is represented by the analysis of the passive voice (transformations from active to passive and from passive to active; the infinitive construction; passive voice in various registers).

The aspect of the Noun Phrase discussed in this course is the use of articles in English. The study focuses on the concept of definiteness and indefiniteness of nouns and traces the numerous contexts for the use of the definite, indefinite and zero article.
The irreguar verbs are covered by the students as self-study.
All topics are discussed from the perspective of the English-Polish contrastive grammar.
Forms of assessment
Required reading list
Basic reading:
Thomson, A.J, and A.V. Martinet, A Practical English Grammar, OUP, 1988
Vince, Michael, Advanced Language Practice, Macmillan Heinemann, 1994

Supplementary reading:
Foley, Mark and Diane Hall, Advanced Learners\\\\\\\' Grammar , Longman, 2003
B.D. Graver, Advanced English Practice, OUP, 1997
F.V. Bywater, A Proficiency Course in English, Hodder and Stoughton, 1982
Side, Richard and Guy Wellman, Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency, Longman, 2000
Azar, Betty Schrampfer, Understanding and Using English Grammar, Prentice Hall, 1999
Low, Ona, Proficiency in English Course, Edward Arnold, 1986
Field of study: English Studies
Course listing in the Schedule of Courses:
Year/semester:Year I - Semester 2
Number of ECTS credits: 2
Form of assessment: Grade