Administrative agencies of the USA (konwersatorium) - 2019/2020

Course description
General information
Lecturer:mgr Paulina Liszka
Organising unit:Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration - Instytut Nauk Prawnych
Number of hours (week/semester): 2/30
Language of instruction:English
Course objective
C1 - to acquaint students with the legal provisions concerning U.S. administrative agencies
C2 - to present the basic principles of operation of the agency and the controversy surrounding their activities
C3 - elaboration skills of search, selection and interpretation of American law and cases
W1-knowledge of English (intermediate level)
Learning outcomes
-the student knows and understands the legal terminology in the field of American administrative law concerning administrative agencies (K_W03)
-the student knows the basic characteristics, types and functions of U.S. administrative agencies (K_W06)
-student is able to use the basic theoretical knowledge to analyze, interpret the phenomena occurring in the country (K_U02)
-student is active in the implementation of individual and team activities related to the functioning of public administration. Thinks and acts in a planned way selecting strategic solutions (K_K03)
Teaching method
lecture, discussion, group work, analysis of legislation and cases, essay/presentation
Course content description
History of the United States of America and American law (U.S. Constitution, American system of government, federal executive branch); American administrative law; Administrative agencies - meaning of the term, historical background; Establishment of administrative agencies and position in the structure of American system of government; General powers and competences; Limitations and control over agencies; Examples - overview of the chosen agencies.
Forms of assessment
Final test in the form of one-choice test, all questions in English, 50% of correct answers required to pass (grade 3,0), 3,5: 60-69%, 4,0: 70-79%, 4,5: 80-89%, 5,0: 90-100%. The final grade is determined based on the grade from the final test and activity during classes.
Required reading list
Teaching materials (based on U.S. legislation and case law) will be prepared by the teacher and distributed to the students during a class.
Field of study: Administration
Course listing in the Schedule of Courses:
Year/semester:Year II - Semester 3
Number of ECTS credits: 6
Form of assessment: Grade