Roman law (wykład) - 2019/2020

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Lecturer:dr Izabela Leraczyk
Organising unit:Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration - Instytut Prawa Kanonicznego
Number of hours (week/semester): 2/30
Language of instruction:Język polski
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Introductory remarks: Roman definitions of law, arrangement of Roman law and its sources. The law of the persons (status libertatis, status civitatis, status familiae). Legal capacity. Juristic persons. Forms legal acting and the capacity of undertaking it. The law of the familiy: The law of the matrimony, paternal power, guardianship and wardship. The law of things: thing and its divisions. Possession- its definition and forms.Purchase and loss of the ownership. Safeguard of the possession. Ownership - its definition and manners of acquisition. Legal protection over the possession. Servitudes, pawn and mortgage. The aims of the course: capacity of understanding of the legal rules, institutions and some of its basic conceptions of Roman law. Reflection on the evolution of Roman Law and its impact on the development of the contemporary European legal culture.
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Field of study: Canon Law
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Year/semester:Year I - Semester 1
Number of ECTS credits: 4
Form of assessment: Credit