English - CEF B2 - Business English with IT terminology (lektorat) - 2019/2020

Course description
General information
Lecturer:mgr Maria Szeleźniak-Waszczuk
Organising unit:Studium Praktycznej Nauki Języków Obcych - Studium Praktycznej Nauki Języków Obcych
Number of hours (week/semester): 2/30
Language of instruction:Język polski
Course objective
Learning outcomes
Teaching method
Course content description
Classes for those who have reached the level CEF A2. The Pre-Intermediate Course is taught according to the established programme – English CEF B1 Course for Pre-Intermediate Level Students (http://kul.lublin.pl/art_316.html), and its goal is to gain the level of language proficiency defined on the scale of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language – learning, teaching, assessment) as Level B1 (Common Reference Levels: Global Scale: http://www.kul.lublin.pl/art_638.html).
Forms of assessment
Required reading list
Field of study: Informatics
Course listing in the Schedule of Courses:
Year/semester:Year II - Semester 4
Number of ECTS credits: 1
Form of assessment: Grade