Comparative constitutonal law (wykład) - 2018/2019

Course description
General information
Lecturer:dr Delaine Swenson prof. KUL
Organising unit:Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration - Instytut Prawa
Number of hours (week/semester): 2/30
ECTS code:10900-0201-0200WYK0057
Language of instruction:English
Course objective
Learning outcomes
Teaching method
Course content description
This course presents in historical perspective evolution of Western Constitutional Law. During the course evolution of constitutional regulations in England-Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and United States will be presented. All considerations will be done with comparative analysis. Specially students will concentrate on the question of citizens participation in political and public decisions through ages. The question of respecting peoples rights through ages will be also analyzed.
Forms of assessment
Required reading list
Materiały obejmują teksty źródłowe.
Field of study: Law
Course listing in the Schedule of Courses:
Year/semester:Year IV - Semester 7
Number of ECTS credits: 6
Form of assessment: Grade
Year/semester:Year V - Semester 9
Number of ECTS credits: 6
Form of assessment: Grade