Elements of sociology of macrostructures and modern social movements (konwersatorium) - 2018/2019

Course description
General information
Lecturer:Ks. dr hab. Jan Szymczyk
Organising unit:Faculty of Social Sciences - Instytut Socjologii
Number of hours (week/semester): 15
Language of instruction:Język polski
Course objective
The aim of the seminar is to familiarize the participants with the most important theories, research prospects concerning the specificity of functioning of the great structures, global processes and social movements.
The lecture should result in PhD students acquiring the abilities to apply the learnt concepts in their written presentations.
Learning outcomes
The student knows the terminology, basic theories and methodology in sociology, and their application at the advanced level. He has knowledge of social structures, processes, global phenomena of social change. He has knowledge of the collective actors in public life, the institutions and social relationships in social structures.
The student has skills of searching, analyzing information on macrostructures, social phenomena, using a variety of sources and methods. He can use knowledge theoretical in the field of macrostructures to describe and analyze the causes and course of the selected processes and social phenomena. It has skills of applying implications sociological to observe, diagnose, rational evaluate transformations of the contemporary social structure and its components.
Other competencies (attitudes):
The student understands the need for continuous personal and professional development. He can complement and enhance their knowledge and skills. The student knows the different social conditions and consequences of their actions in different environments, social structures.
Teaching method
Seminar lecture and dialogue methods
Course content description
The subject of the seminar is the issue concerning great social structures and new social movements (each year selected issues are discussed).
Forms of assessment
Writing of the semester paper, presence and activity during of the course
Required reading list
Main literature: Required reading:H. Domański, Struktura społeczna, Warszawa 2007; D. della Porta, M. Diani, Ruchy społeczne. Wprowadzenie, Kraków 2009; M. Szczepański, Teorie zmian społecznych, Katowice 1990; E. Wnuk-Lipiński, Socjologia życia publicznego, Warszawa 2008; A. Jelonek, K. Tyszka, Koncepcje rozwoju społecznego, Warszawa 2001; Dynamika życia społecznego. Współczesne koncepcje ruchów społecznych, red. K. Gorlach, P. Mooney, Warszawa 2008.
Complementary literature: Suggested supplementary Reading: M. Hamilton, M. Hirszowicz, Klasy i nierówności społeczne, Warszawa 1995; M. Ziółkowski, Przemiany interesów i wartości społeczeństwa polskiego, Poznań 2000; J. Szymczyk, Specyfika nowych ruchów społecznych, w: Wartości - interesy - struktury społeczne. Uwarunkowania ludzkiej kreatywności i partycypacji w życiu publicznym, red. J. Szymczyk, Wyd. Norbertinum, Lublin 2010, s. 33-82; J. Szymczyk, Przemiany wartości i więzi we współczesnym społeczeństwie polskim, w: Odpowiedzialność społeczna w innowacyjnej gospodarce, red. P. Kawalec, A. Blachut, Wyd. KUL, Lublin 2011, s. 299-319.
Field of study: Sociology
Course listing in the Schedule of Courses:
Year/semester:Year I - Semester 2
Number of ECTS credits: 2
Form of assessment: Grade