Structure, Kinds and Ways of Resolving Moral Dilemmas (konwersatorium) - 2018/2019

Course description
General information
Lecturer:dr Wojciech Lewandowski
Organising unit:Faculty of Philosophy - Instytut Filozofii
Number of hours (week/semester): 2/30
Language of instruction:English
Course objective
C1: Discussion about main ethical views concerning the structure, kinds and ways of resolving moral dielmmas
General knowledge about main ethical categories and ways of justifying moral judgments.
Learning outcomes
The student knows the concept of a moral dilemma and understands difficulties it generates for ethical theories (K_W06, K_W07)
The student knows main categories and distinctions concerning moral conflicts and metaethical assumptions behind them (plurality, symmetry and incomennsurability of values). (K_W01, K_W05).
The student knows main arguments aimed at rejecting existence of moral dilemmas or at resolving them as well as main objections to these attempts (K_W03, K_W05)

The student is able to analyze given moral dilemma in terms of colliding options and agent\'s moral reasons (K_U01, K_U02, K_U03)
The student is able to formulate and justify assessment of a given proposition of resolving moral dilemma (K_U03, K_U04, K_U06).

The student is open to discussion and understands thoeretical and practical difficulties in finding plausible solution to tragic moral conflicts. (K_K04)
Teaching method
Multimedia presentation and discussion
Course content description
1. Problems in defining moral dilemmas
2. Main arguments about the existence of moral dielmmas
3. Kinds of moral conflicts
4. Moral theories about moral dilemmas
5. The most discussed moral dilemmas (Sartre\'s student, Sophie\'s choice, Abraham dilemma).
Forms of assessment
1. Assessment of the activity in the discussion.
2. Assessment of a paper or presentation on a selected topic
Required reading list
D. Statman, Moral dilemmas, Rodopi 1995.
H.E. Mason (ed.) Moral dilemmas and moral theory, Oxford University Press 1996.
W. Sinnott-Armstrong, Moral dilemmas, Blackwell 1988
P.S. Greenspan, Practical guilt. Moral dilemmas, emotions and social norms, Oxford University Pres 1995.
Field of study: Philosophy
Course listing in the Schedule of Courses:
Year/semester:Year I - Semester 1
Number of ECTS credits: 2
Form of assessment: Grade