Diplomatic Law and Protocol (wykład) - 2017/2018

Course description
General information
Lecturer:dr hab. Wojciech Staszewski
Organising unit:Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration - Instytut Europeistyki
Number of hours (week/semester): 2/30
ECTS code:00000-0200-0200WYK0000
Language of instruction:English
Course objective
C1. To familiarize students with basic knowledge of Diplomatic Law
C2. To explain the difference between Diplomatic and Consular Law
C3. To explain the status of Diplomatic Law and Consular Law in international community
C3. To present to basic institutions of Diplomatic Law and Consular Law and Diplomatic Protocol
General knowledge of Theory of Law and State and Constitutional Law and International Law
Learning outcomes
K_W01 Has basic knowledge concerning character and types of structure and institutions of Diplomatic and Consular Law
K_W03 Knows mechanisms and models of cooperation in the contemporary international relations
K_W05 Knows principles of the functioning of international community
K_W06 Is able to identify the position of individual in international community
K_W09 Has basic knowledge on trends of the Poland’s, European Union’s and international community’s Foreign Policy.
K_U01 Is able to analyze basic social, political and economic processes of the national, regional and international scope
K_U02 Is able to foresee trends in the process of regional integration and international cooperation. Uses for this purpose information technology instruments
K_U03 Is able to analyze sources of Diplomatic and Consular Law according to mechanisms of its interpretation
K_K01 Is able to participate actively in the labour market
K_K02 Understands team work rules and is able to manage a group work
K_K04 Can participate in social, political and economic initiatives
Teaching method
Oral: lecture, discussion, debate
Visual: PowerPoint presentations, documents study
Practical: small group work, role playing
Course content description
History of Diplomacy. The Notion of Diplomacy. The Notion, Sources and Codification of Diplomatic Law. The States Authorities in International Relations. The Establishment of Diplomatic Relations. The Beginning and the Termination of Diplomatic Missions. The Functions of Diplomatic Missions. Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities. Special Missions. Diplomatic Law of International Organizations. Diplomatic Ceremonial and Protocol. Diplomatic Correspondence. Historical Development of Consular Institutions. The Notion of Consular Law. The Sources and Codification of Consular Law. The Establishment of Consular Relations. The Consular Functions. The Beginning and The End of Exercising of the Consular Functions. Consular Privileges and Immunities. The Institution of the Honorary Consul. Dining Etiquette. Types of celebrations. Dress code
Forms of assessment
Final test with open questions, presentation of the Diplomatic Protocol of a chosen state
Required reading list
The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961
The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963
The Convention on Special Missions of 1969
Denza E., Diplomatic Law: Commentary on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Oxford University Press, 2016.
Sutor J., Prawo dyplomatyczne i konsularne, Warszawa 2012.
E. Pietkiewicz: Protokół dyplomatyczny, Warszawa 1998.
Sutor J., Korespondencja dyplomatyczna, Warszawa 2008.
Field of study: European Union Law
Course listing in the Schedule of Courses:
Year/semester:Year I - Semester 1
Number of ECTS credits: 3
Form of assessment: Grade