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Dane do konta
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The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin with its principal seat in Lublin,
al. Racławickie 14 is the administrator of the personal details and particulars.
 * I have read the Regulations of the Computer Network of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL),
I accept its provisions and undertake to comply with them
 * I agree to receive electronic communications sent by The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
regarding its current activities, educational offer and latest promotions, including communications sent to my private e-mail address.
 * I consent to the processing of my personal data for the purpose of subscribing to the newsletter.
At the same time, I acknowledge that consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time,
but without affecting the lawfulness of the processing of personal data carried out on the basis of consent prior to revocation.
I understand that:
  • I can withdraw my consent to the use of my personal data in accordance with Article 23 paragraph 1 sections 4 and 5 of Personal Data Protection Act,
    when my personal data are used for marketing purposes or disclosed to third party data administrators.
  • I have the right to withdraw my consent to receive electronic communications via e-mail.

  • The current version of the Regulations of the KUL Computer Network: Download a PDF (122 KB)

    Information clause (PDF)

    In case of any technical problems with e-KUL, please read the following information before using the contact form:

    Exclusively current students of KUL and staff members with a valid and signed contract with KUL (employment or civil-law contract) can set up the e-KUL account; doctoral students have to fill in information regarding student practice (through the Registrar’s Office)

    First-year students can set up the account exclusively after they have been assigned a register number. The register number can be checked after logging into the recruitment portal https://rekrut.kul.lublin.pl

    e-KUL and rekrut.kul.lublin.pl are two separate websites (they require separate accounts!)

    Please think carefully before choosing a username, because you will not be able to change the ID later!

    The password should consist of at least 8 characters (including at least 1 character that is not a lowercase letter, e.g. a digit)

    The e-mail account is valid up to 3 months following the graduation date (in the case of students) and up to 3 months following the date of termination of the contract (in the case of staff members). KUL Graduates retain the possibility to log into the e-KUL system but without any access to electronic mail.


    The ID cannot be:

    offensive to other people, especially in connection to their race, religion, history, nationality;

    vulgar – regardless of the language and the form of the word or abbreviation used;

    misleading with respect to the identity of the user – it cannot contain names and signs associated with other people or functions they fulfil.


    The most frequent problems with the account:

    I don’t remember your password – please use the password recovery option.

    I don’t remember the username – please try setting up an account – the system will show the username.

    Errors occur when setting up the account e.g. in data verification or the lack of an active elective – please check carefully if the filled in details and particulars are correct – the system distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase letters and Polish diacritical signs (which means that e.g. ‘żółty’ has to be written instead of ‘zolty’).

    Students are requested to contact the Dean's Office in order to supplement or correct personal details and particulars.

    Staff members are requested to contact the Human Resources Department in order to supplement or correct personal details.

    Upon having corrected any details or particulars by the Dean's Office or the Human Resources Department, please wait circa 24 hours for data synchronization.

    If other problems occur, please read the information available from the Help Desk carefully.


    e-KUL is not a recruitment system! Candidates are requested to use the website https://rekrut.kul.lublin.pl