Faculty of Philosophy
Applied Anthropology (residential, first cycle programme)
Rok I - Semester 2   2020/2021

Programme, Learning Outcomes & Course Syllabus
NoCourseECTS creditsHoursLecturer
Compulsory courses
1Research Methods in Anthropology: Humanities and Social Sciences (lecture)E/3 30 prof. dr hab. Paweł Kawalec
2"Good Life" and Human Rights (lecture)E/3 30 dr hab. Krzysztof Motyka, prof. KUL
3Anthropologist's toolkit: Anthropological reading (in Russian/Ukrainian) (workshops)Z/2 30 dr Andrij Saweneć
4Anthropologist's toolkit: Translation studies: literature and mass media, in German/Anthropological reading, in French (workshops)Z/2 30 prof. dr hab. Paweł Kawalec
5Key (classical) debates in Social and Cultural Anthropology (tutorial)Z/3 30 Vacancy
6Anthropologist's toolkit: How to teach? (key issues of education) (classes)Z/2 30 dr Piotr Steinbrich
7Key theme in Anthropology: Religion and Totemism (tutorial)Z/3 30 dr hab. Robert Ptaszek
8Key theme in Anthropology: Kinship and Politics (tutorial)Z/2 30 prof. dr hab. Jan Kłos
9Key theme in Anthropology: Economy (tutorial)Z/3 30 prof. dr hab. Paweł Kawalec
Elective courses
(choose 1 of classes/workshop)
1Anthropologist's toolkit: Artistic research (workshops)Z/1 30 Vacancy
2Ethnography and Anthropology (classes)Z/1 30 Ks. dr hab. Andrzej Pietrzak, prof. KUL
3Workers' Law (classes)Z/1 30 dr hab. Paweł Nowik
Elective language classes
(choose 1 language)
1Arabic language (foreign language classes)Z/2 30 Vacancy
2Chinese language (foreign language classes)Z/2 30 Vacancy
Modern language
1German - CEF - B1 (foreign language classes - Group: 104) Z/2 30 mgr Iwona Fijołek
2Russian - CEF B2+ (foreign language classes - Group: 105) Z/2 30 mgr Barbara Okulska
3Spanish - CEF - B1 (foreign language classes - Group: 108) Z/2 30 mgr Karolina Sieńko-Flis

Form of assessment / Number of ECTS credits
E - Exam
Z - Credit with grade
Zbo - Credit without grade (Pass/Fail)
Hours - Number of hours per semester