Faculty of Philosophy
Philosophy (residential, first cycle programme)
Rok III - Semester 5   2019/2020

NoCourseECTS creditsHoursLecturer
Obligatory Lectures
1Philosophy of God (lecture)E/4 30 Vacancy
2History of Philosophy in Poland (lecture)E/5 30 Ks. dr hab. Rafał Charzyński
Obligatory Classes
1History of Philosophy in Poland and Colloquium on Classical Philosophical Texts (classes)Z/0 15 Ks. dr hab. Rafał Charzyński
2Philosophy of God (classes)Z/0 15 dr hab. Włodzimierz Dłubacz
Group A: World and Human
1Philosophy of Law (tutorial)Z/3 30 dr hab. Katarzyna Stępień
Translation Classes
1Philosophical Texts in Classical Languages (translation classes)Z/4 30 dr hab. Zbigniew Pańpuch
2Philosophical Texts in French/German (translation classes)Z/4 30 Suspended
Elective Monographic Lectures
1Applied Ethics (lecture)E/2 15 dr Wojciech Lewandowski
2Fundamentals of Informatics (lecture)E/2 15 Suspended
3General Ethics (lecture)E/2 15 Suspended
4History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (lecture)E/2 15 Suspended
5Metaphysics and Anthropology (lecture)E/2 15 dr hab. Zbigniew Pańpuch
6Methodology of Science (lecture)E/2 15 Suspended
7Philosophy of Nature (lecture)E/2 15 Suspended
Bachelor's Seminar
1Metaphysics, Anthropology and Ethics (seminar)Zbo/4 30 Ks. dr hab. Tomasz Duma
2History of Philosophy, Logic, Theory of Knowledge and Science (seminar)Zbo/4 30 Suspended
Bachelor's Thesis
1B.A. Thesis and Preparation to Pass the Diploma Exam (assignment)Zbo/5 0 Vacancy
Internship (Period of Three Weeks)
1Internship (practical placement)Zbo/1 0 Vacancy

Form of assessment / Number of ECTS credits
E - Exam
Z - Credit with grade
Zbo - Credit without grade (Pass/Fail)
Hours - Number of hours per semester