Faculty of Philosophy
Philosophy (residential, first cycle programme)
Rok II - Semester 4   2018/2019

NoCourseECTS creditsHoursLecturer
Obligatory Lectures
1Methodology of Philosophy (lecture)E/3 15 dr Piotr Lipski
2Theory of Knowledge - Epistemology (lecture)E/3 15 dr Ewa Odoj
3History of Contemporary Philosophy (lecture)E/6 45 dr Maksymilian Roszyk
4Set Theory (lecture)E/4 15 dr Anna Karczewska
5Applied Ethics (lecture)E/3 15 dr Wojciech Lewandowski
Obligatory Classes
1Methodology of Philosophy (classes)Z/0 30 dr Piotr Lipski
2Theory of Knowledge - Epistemology (classes)Z/0 30 dr Ewa Odoj
3Applied Ethics (classes)Z/0 30 dr Anna Krajewska
4History of Contemporary Philosophy and Colloquium on Classical Philosophical Texts (classes)Z/0 30 dr Maksymilian Roszyk
5Set Theory (classes)Z/0 15 dr Anna Karczewska
Elective Courses
Group A: World and Human
1Anthropology and Evolutionism (tutorial)Z/3 30 Ks. dr hab. Marek Słomka
2Philosophy of Culture (tutorial)Z/2 30 prof. dr hab. Piotr Jaroszyński
3Social and Political Ethics (tutorial)Z/3 30 prof. dr hab. Jan Kłos
Elective Courses
Group B: Knowledge and History
1Contemporary Epistemology (tutorial)Z/2 30 Suspended
2Contemporary Methodology of Science (tutorial)Z/3 30 Suspended
3Course in Greek for Philosophers (foreign language classes)Z/3 30 Suspended
Obligatory Foreign Modern Language Courses
1German - CEF - A2 (foreign language classes - Group: 34) Z/1 30 mgr Iwona Fijołek
2German - CEF - A2 Level (examination)E/2 0 mgr Iwona Fijołek

Form of assessment / Number of ECTS credits
E - Exam
Z - Credit with grade
Zbo - Credit without grade (Pass/Fail)
Hours - Number of hours per semester