Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration
European Studies (residential, first cycle programme)
Rok I - Semester 1   2019/2020

NoCourseECTS creditsHoursLecturer
Compulsory courses
1History of Europe (lecture)E/4 30 dr hab. Paweł Kras
2Political Science (classes)Z/0 15 prof. dr hab. Marek Wierzbicki
3Political Science (lecture)E/5 30 prof. dr hab. Marek Wierzbicki
4Introduction to Law (lecture)E/5 30 dr Delaine Swenson, prof. KUL
5Poland: Past and Present (lecture)Z/4 30 dr hab. Paweł Kras
6Fundamentals of Sociology and Social research methods (lecture)E/4 30 dr hab. Grzegorz Adamczyk, prof. KUL
7Current developments in European Integration (tutorial)Z/2 30 dr Tomasz Sieniow
8EU resources on-line (laboratory classes)Z/1 15 dr Tomasz Sieniow
9English for law and business (classes)Z/3 60 mgr Marta Cechowicz
10Logic (lecture) (lecture)E/2 15 dr Piotr Lipski
11Logic (classes) (classes - Group: 1) Z/0 15 dr Piotr Lipski
Physical education
1Physical education - badminton (classes - Group: 15) Z/0 30 mgr Agnieszka Gołofit
2Physical education - badminton (classes - Group: 40) Z/0 30 mgr Arkadiusz Czarnecki
3Physical education - table tennis (classes - Group: 81) Z/0 30 dr Joanna Kubińska
4Physical education -men's football (classes - Group: 7) Z/0 30 mgr Arkadiusz Czarnecki
5Physical education -men's football (classes - Group: 35) Z/0 30 mgr Iwona Szyłejko
6Physical education -men's football (classes - Group: 36) Z/0 30 mgr Wojciech Paszek
Training/Additional obligatory student training
1Health and safety procedures training (training - Group: 3) Zbo/0 3 mgr Piotr Kucewicz
2Brak wersji językowej (training)Zbo/0 2 dr hab. Hanna Witczak, prof. KUL

Form of assessment / Number of ECTS credits
E - Exam
Z - Credit with grade
Zbo - Credit without grade (Pass/Fail)
Hours - Number of hours per semester