Faculty of Natural Sciences and Health
Biotechnology (residential, first cycle programme)
Rok II - Semester 3   2020/2021

NoCourseECTS creditsHoursLecturer
Compulsory lectures
1Biochemistry with enzymology (lecture) (lecture)E/9 30 prof. dr hab. Ryszard Szyszka
2Plant physiology (lecture) (lecture)E/6 30 Suspended
3Animal physiology (lecture) (lecture)E/6 30 Suspended
4General microbiology (lecture) (lecture)E/6 30 Suspended
5General microbiology (classes) (classes - Group: 1) Z/0 30 Suspended
6Animal physiology (classes) (classes - Group: 1) Z/0 30 Suspended
7Biochemistry with enzymology (classes) (classes - Group: 1) Z/0 60 dr hab. Maciej Masłyk, prof. KUL
8Plant physiology (classes) (classes - Group: 1) Z/0 30 Suspended
9Ethics (lecture - Group: 8) E/2 30 prof. dr hab. Jan Kłos

Form of assessment / Number of ECTS credits
E - Exam
Z - Credit with grade
Zbo - Credit without grade (Pass/Fail)
Hours - Number of hours per semester